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REVAN GROUP, specialist in the implementation of consulting and implementation projects on site, in particular strategy and business models based on the latest methods and knowledge.
Participation in the strategic further development of the existing product and solution portfolio with the aim of establishing and expanding a scalable product business for automation in the target industries.
Ongoing market and competition analysis.
Active involvement in specialist committees of the industry associations for the active transfer of know-how as well as for the establishment and expansion of a network to other top decision-makers in the target industries.


REVAN GROUP stands for comprehensive, customer-oriented recycling technology:

From advice to a complete production system.

Disposal of:

Old tires

Wood waste

Plastic waste

Glass waste

Medic waste



REVAN GROUP has extensive experience conducting research for a large number of customers and offer a full range of research services inhouse. We are a future-oriented company and have invested in innovative research instruments and techniques.
Through our departments with different market research methods, we provide services for our customers from different industries.
We deliver resilient and reliable research results and offer a flexible approach that takes into account the individual requirements of our customers on a project basis. Our experienced and committed project management team is professional, friendly and personable.


REVAN GROUP, with his own recycling facilities, old tires, rubber and plastic waste, wood, glass and medical waste can be processed without damaging the environment. 

The main purpose of processing is to turn all waste products into a second life product. 

We also offer another solution for generating new energy from waste in our own facilities.



REVAN GROUP was able to quickly develop into a leading trading partner for customers in Europe and MENA-Zone. Thanks to our know-how in various processes, we are increasingly becoming a point of contact for knowledge exchange in the field of project management and project development. This is one of the reasons why we have been specializing for some time in recycling, energy and mobility (producer of all tire types).
Independence is one of our highest goals! Self-funded and equipped with excellent employees, partners and an excellent network of suppliers, we are able to respond to the rapidly changing needs of our customers. In this way we create optimal purchasing conditions for our customers.


Everyone within the REVAN GROUP believes that mobility is essential for human development, so we work with passion to make it safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. Our priority and our firm claim is to provide our customers, from CAR, SUV, LIGHT and HEAVY TRUCK tires, with uncompromising quality.



REVAN GROUP offers the following consultations:
By strategically and operationally combining our many years of experience in corporate development and guiding the implementation, we can promote the reorganization and profitability of the company quickly and in a result-oriented way.
Due to our focus on selected industries, we have specific business experience and can therefore offer our customers optimal support quality and speed in all phases from business development, analysis, company structure to values on strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks.
Training managers and employees.


REVAN GROUP aims to provide all kinds of services in the real estate industry. We can bring our many years of experience in all areas to development projects. We advise owners when it comes to usage and profitability issues. Both urban planning and architectural aspects, which influence the different types of use, flow into our considerations. Thanks to our advice on numerous development projects (living / office / shopping), you can also count on a committed and competent partner in jury or expert discussions.

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Services: Dienstleistungen
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